lunes, 24 de abril de 2017

Dear Parents,

Summer vacations are just around the corner, take a couple of minutes to watch the fun video above that might help you with great ideas to keep your child in movement during the summer.  

During this week students keep practicing the recognition of basic yoga poses.  We will practice balance at the same time they develop a sense of rhythm through the flamingo game. We will also be practicing cardiovascular exercises through a relay and obstacle race. Students practice locomotor and non locomotor skills during all of the activities. 

martes, 18 de abril de 2017

Dear Parents,

After a long rested holiday we are ready to start a new week. 

Students will practice different gross and fine motor exercises as they are introduced to striking skills using a ball with a paddle. Students also practice speed and agility and are able to identify basic body positions from yoga. 

lunes, 3 de abril de 2017

Dear Parents, 

We are starting an awesome week filled with fun before we leave for our Easter Holiday. 

Students will be introduced to striking skills using a ball with a paddle. Children place their ball on the cone, hold their paddle back to the side of their body, and then swing as hard as they can. If you have tennis rackets at home that your child can use please send to school. 

We will also be building on cooperative play skills used when leading or following a partner. The leader's role is to move in different directions and pathways throughout the space trying to challenge the follower to travel in variety of different ways. The follower's role is to attempt to replicate the movements of the leader.

We keep on practicing basic positions from yoga through the series of cosmic kids yoga. 

Please send your child with proper running shoes. A water bottle for your child to rehydrate and sunscreen is also a good idea during this warm and sunny days.

lunes, 27 de marzo de 2017

Dear Parents:

During this week students practice cardiovascular exercises through the traffic light game and through obstacle races. They are able to identify basic body positions from yoga. Students will also practice locomotor and non locomotor skills through hot potato card game. 

lunes, 20 de marzo de 2017

Dear Parents,

I hope you had a well rested holiday.

During this week students will practice locomotor skills and cardiovascular exercises through a shape hopscotch and through our daily warm up in which we practice the basic body positions from yoga. We will also do some training for speed and agility. 

jueves, 9 de marzo de 2017

Dear D.S. Parents,

In motricity class, the students have been developing a sense of rhythm and coordination while they practice a dance to present on this special day. You are all invited to join us in the Playground area next Thursday March 16th. 

lunes, 6 de marzo de 2017

Dear Parents, 

A week full of learning is starting at D.S.

During this week we will focus on practicing our dance for father's day through which students develop a sense of rhythm and coordination. Aside to that we will be practicing eye-hand coordination by practicing shooting the ball into the loop.