lunes, 7 de agosto de 2017

Class description

Motricity class develops rhythm and motor skills in addition to listening skills. Children will learn through imagery, musical exercises and games. The class will focus on gross motor skills like marching, galloping and jumping. Non-locomotor exercises will consist of stretching, twisting and balancing. Children will use their imagination to move through space as they explore levels, tempo and pathways. 

Each child is required to bring the following to their Motricity class:
-Waterbottle (Will be checked next to the assistance. No juice or sodas.)
-Socks and tennis shoes (running shoes to provide the best care to their feet)
-P.E. uniform (if your child does not have a Discovery School P.E. uniform, he or she must wear comfortable gym clothes)
-Sunblock (wear or bring in backpack)

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