domingo, 20 de agosto de 2017

Dear Parents, 

We have had a successful first week of school. Students are adjusting to the routine and seem to be having tons of fun.  

During this coming week we will be discussing about Body Parts. Students will get involved in a guided discussion about how the body is more than what you see when you look in the mirror, there are different parts that have different jobs, but each part works together to be able to eat, sleep, sit in class and play with friends. Exercise for children has many benefits, which include the development of a strong confidence and an admirable self-esteem. Movement creates a link between the child's mind and body

Students are sharpening non-locomotor skills as they keep on learning the warm up routines. Locomotor skills and eye-hand coordination will  be practiced by throwing bean bags into a hoop. Other activities and games such as: walking through the balance beam, Simon Says, the Stoplight game and tracing each others bodies with chalk on the sidewalk are going to be part of Motricity class during this week. 


Please remember to send your child to school with comfortable clothes, as we are eager to MOVE A LOT during the class!

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